Wix Tutorial 2016 – Create An Amazon Affiliate Store

Create Your Own Wix Affiliate Store

Creating an affiliate website is a great way to earn passive income.  You really don’t need a lot of money to get started and you will promote products for someone else.  If the item sells then you get a small commission.  Anything from 4% to 8% in this case.  We will be using a program by Amazon called Amazon Associates.  It’s an affiliate program that allows you to make money on virtually anything Amazon sells on their site.  

For this website build I chose the niche beard oil.  A niche is basically a small subsection of a broad market.  For example selling Automobiles would be a very broad market.  You could target the focus further down by selling Ford Automobiles, which is a niche of the automobile market.  A micro niche is when you focus further downward.  Example of a micro niche would be White 4-Door Ford Automobiles.

It’s easier to make money with a niche because the people interested in the topic or product generally hang out together or search the same words on Google.  Take this scenario for example, if you are selling Automobiles and wanted to promote them, you might find it hard to stand out and get people interested in your product.  You might attract the traffic but the people landing on your site want all types of cars.  Since you probably have a small selection to offer the specific one they want simply isn’t there.  Imagine if you are selling red sports cars to people who love red sports cars.  That’s what niche marketing is.

How To Get Started With Amazon Associates
In order to sell beard oil, dopp kits or whatever niche you prefer, you’ll need your own affiliate account with Amazon.  To sign up head to Amazon.com and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.  In the footer you’ll find “Make Money With Us”.  Look under that for “Become An Affiliate”.   Once you click that link it’ll present you with a “Join Now For Free” button at the top of the page.  Click that and simply follow the instructions they give you.  Once you’ve been accepted you can easily find products to promote on your new Wix site.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
To make money with affiliate marketing you’ll need to do two things really well.  The first is pick products and niches that people are looking for and purchasing.  Something that’s in demand.  The second thing is you’ll need to understand how to generate traffic to your website.  The more traffic the better chance someone will click on your affiliate links and purchase the item on Amazon.  Of course you get a small commission on all the sales through your affiliate link.

Let’s Create A Wix Store
The very first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for wix.  You can sign up for the free version for now but I will show you have to upgrade the site once we’ve completed the design.

Once you’ve opened an account you’ll be asked what kind of website you want to create.  Select online store for this build.  The next page may or may not ask if you want to use Wix ADI or  Wix Editor.  Select Wix Editor.




Next select the very first theme you see which is the “outdoor bags” theme.  This is an ecommerce theme that will already have a store included.  With the free version of wix’s store you will not be able to accept payments through Wix but we will set up an affiliate store which means you will not accepts payments on your own.  Amazon will actually process all the sales and your payments will come from Amazon.

If you would like to accept payments on this site simply upgrade your account to ecommerce.



Click “Edit” to customize this theme.


This is your theme and the Wix Editor.  You’ll notice a lot is presented on the page that you can customize.  Please watch my video tutorial for a complete explanation of all the elements on the Editor.  At the very top of the Editor you’ll find the Wix logo, The Page menu, and various options on how to manage the editor.  The series of bubbles on the left is called the “Left Menu”.  To the right you’ll find the “Editor Tool Bar” All functionality will come from these menus.


Before we do anything with this theme you’ll want to click “Save”.  The first time you save you can give your site a name and get a link to your store.



Getting into the actual design the first thing I always like to do is add all my site images and product images.  This will be a huge time saver as you are completing the site.  At this point consider what pictures you want to add to the site, how you want your site to look.  Go to Amazon and select all the products you want to sell on your site.  This is super simple if you’ve already signed up to be an Amazon Associate.  In the image below you can see the strip at the top of the page.  Click “Text” on any page within amazon to get your unique affiliate link.

Where To Get Amazon Affiliate Links:



To add images to your Wix store navigate to the Left Menu and click on “Add” which is simply a plus sign.  Hover over images and click the right panel that reads “My Image Uploads”.  What this will do is take you to your image gallery.  This is where you will upload all your images and organize them.


Once you’ve added images and organized them to your needs using the “add new folder” option, you’ll now start adding products.  This is a relatively easy process of simply clicking the purse icon within the left menu.  Clicking the icon will ask you to setup your store but at this point just click “add products”.  To add a product all you have to do is give it a title, description, price and an image.  Click save and you have added your first product.  You’ll want to group your products into collections which is another name for categories.  To do this click collections link and add new collection.  Now click on the product you just created and add it to the right collection.  Doing so will make it easy for customers to find similar items.



Edit your menu to include the pages you want to feature.  You’ll click on the pages menu to accomplish this.  You can create drop down menus and anchors.  An anchor is simply a spot on the page you will allow people to quickly access from the click of a link.  These are very popular with one page sites.  To setup an anchor with Wix you click on the left menu, click the plus sign or add icon, scroll to the bottom of the menu to “more”.  Within the more drop down menu  locate the anchor section and drag that into the area you want to give visitors the ability to quickly access.  Once you’ve set the anchor you can then click on the page menu and click add page, from there click on the link option and select anchor.  You’ll then simply link to the anchor.  Now when people click on the link you’ve set up it will automatically take them to that area on the page.





To finish this design you’ll add your own unique images to the home page.  Your shop will automatically generate it’s own products on the product page.  To your images just click within the area you want to change and you’ll see a popup.  You simply click on on the popup and add the image. If you want to add a blog to your that is easy as well.  Click on the bubble icon with the letter “b” within it.  You’ll be instructed to setup your blog.  All you have to do here is add the text and a picture.  Give it a title and select the category you want to blog post to be organized with.  The blog will automatically be added to your menu.  Use the page menu if you want to make changes to where it appears within the menu.

If you’d like to see all the steps completed for you please check out my video which is coming out soon.



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